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Connect Canvas with Macmillan LaunchPad

Updated May 21, 2021

Follow these instructions to connect Canvas with the Macmillan LaunchPad product included in your course. This is important to be able to deep integrate the assignments and pass grades back and forth between both systems. Remember to expand each checklist item to see screenshots and more information about that particular step.

Log-in to I-Learn Canvas.

Go to to login.

Go to your dashboard and select the course with Macmillan LaunchPad.

This will be a course in the upcoming semester. Currently this includes courses in Psychology.

Select Macmillan Learning and Connect LaunchPad

Select "Authenticate" to pair your Canvas account with Macmillan LaunchPad.

This permission is necessary for the deep integration of assignments and grades to work between Canvas and LaunchPad.

Select "Authorize" to allow Canvas and LaunchPad to share information.

Select "Continue" to finish the pairing process between Canvas and LaunchPad.

Once you are logged in, you've finished the process to connect the two accounts. Please let the Systems and Innovation Technology team know so they can finish setting up your course. Thanks!

Congratulations, you are done!


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