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Faculty Course Control

Updated Jan 05, 2018

The Faculty Course Control area in the Faculty tab is the core of the faculty tab and is used to maintain your classes over the course of the semester. This article will look at each option for your classes.

Course Details

The Course Details page is use to describe to students what, when, and where the course is. The students see this information when they register for classes, and it is likely to have been predetermined and written by the department chair or department secretary.

To get back to the Course Control area, you will need to click on the Back to search results button, as trying to go back in the browser will result in an error.

Class List

The class list is useful when trying to memorize names or see who is in your class. Useful information about the student, such as their names, I-Numbers (Student ID) and what major or track they are on can be found here.

On this page, you can also email all of your students by selecting the checkboxes next to their name and clicking E-mail Selected Students, or by clicking the E-mail All Students button.

Waiting List

The Waiting List is arguably the most important part of the Faculty Course Control. It can be used to add students from the waiting list into the class. If there are students on the waiting list, there will be a list of their names and I-Numbers as well as a button to add them instead of where it says there are no students on this Waiting List.

Grade Entry

Similar to the several other links to the Grade Entry portal, this button is used to submit final grades for the semester.

For a tutorial on how to use the grade submit tool, check out this tutorial.

Add/Drop History

This option will show you a list of students who have added or dropped the class. This is useful if you are wondering why a student no longer appears in your gradebook on I-Learn or your classlist, as it is likely they dropped the class.


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