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Updated Jan 05, 2018

The Grade Entry area is a collection of quick links that all pertain to submitting or changing your final grades for each semester.

BYU-Idaho Grade Entry

The BYU-Idaho Grade Entry link will take you to the Grade Submission tool. This tool is used to submit your final grades at the end of the semester. Grades can only be submitted during the designated time at the end of each semester: to see how to use this tool during those times, please check out this tutorial.

Grade Change Portal

This link will be used if you have already submitted final grades for a past semester and you need to retroactively change those grades. This requires special permission and access to change so you may need to contact or call (208) 496-1025 to change those grades.

You can submit a New Request by clicking on the +New Request button. Once your request is approved and changed, you will be notified here.

Substitutions and Waivers

If you have submitted any substitutions or waivers affecting a students grade, they will be displayed here.


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