Proctorio with Maple TA (Online Instructors)

These instructions will guide online instructors who wish to proctor Maple TA assignments and quizzes within Canvas.

Create a Maple TA Quiz

If you need to create a Maple TA quiz click on the provided link and follow the instructions within.

Create a Maple TA Quiz Instructions

First, you will need to link a Canvas assignment to the Maple TA assignment. The assignment might already be linked but if it is not, go to your assignments and select the assignment that needs to be linked to the Maple TA assignment.

Click on the "Edit" button located at the top right of the page.

Select "External Tool" in the Submission Type section then click the "Find" button.

Scroll down and click "MapleTA V1.1" from the list of options then click on the "Select" button.

When done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save & Publish".

On this page you will need link the assignment to the quiz that is in Maple TA. Select the correct quiz from the list of available assignments then click "Link to Assignment".

After clicking "Link to Assignment" you will be taken to the Maple TA quiz page. You can close out of this window.

You have successfully linked the Maple TA assignment to the Canvas assignment and it is now ready to be used in a proctored environment.


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